Missa's Apothecary & Wellness

Come explore your health with Missa

Melissa Maureen, founder of Missa's Herbal Products and MIssa's Apothecary and Wellness, has studied the medicinal uses of plants
for over 30 years. 
Missa grows herbs on her farm and harvests them from the wild to use as a source of healing and nutrition for you and your family,
which includes your animal companions.  Her broad experience has given her the knowledge to create an amazing herbal product line, and formulas for your specific needs.
In understanding that herbs are gifts from the planet, Missa has spent over three decades studying these gifts and what they have to offer.  Her understanding of plant medicine comes from her innate love for the earth and its inhabitants.

Using herbs for healing is the oldest form of medicine and has withstood the test of time. Many cultures continue to follow the ways of nature and forage for herbs as a means to nutrition and health.

Missa has spent decades studying and praticing body work, or as she calls it, "Body Listening," 

Missa practices and teaches 1000 Hands Buddah QiGong as well as self defence (small groups and individuals).

Missa is highly intuitive and connects with the energies of the body in a way that seems almost magical.  

Missa is also a practitioner of, "Soul Retrieval work." 
Her ability to aid in a persons journey to retrieve lost pieces of their soul stems from the journey back to herself, and her life long quest to understanding her own core. 
Wellness is not only for the body.  It is a combination of body, mind and soul.  To create and maintain a balance is a daily practice.  When one area is out of balance the whole suffers.